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We believe that Sonría Dental Boutique is one of the best dental offices in Costa Rica. But don’t take our word for it.
Read what our patients have to say about Sonría Dental Boutique.

Angelina Testimonial, Sonria Dental Boutique My case was evaluated and determined that I was a good candidate for dental implants. Due to the lack of bone mass I had bone grafts done, these were performed under local anesthesia. Implants were placed and after the bone grafted the crowns were placed. The Treatment and the quality of the work was the best. I would’ve not been able to afford this quality of work in the US.

The care I’ve received at Sonria Dental Boutique is superior to any I’ve visited in Florida. I felt like a valued patient. This is in comparison to three dentist in a row (only two months apart) who treated me like a number and did dental procedures that caused me to develop serious dental issues.

Dr. Gonzales is very sincere and truly cares about you the patient. The office was beautiful, very clean, very modern, state of the art equipment. She works with your likes and dislikes and makes a dental plan treatment that is realistic and easy to follow.

I am so glad that I found Dr. Gonzales and her Associates. For the first time in years I feel as though I am getting the help with my dental problems that I need.
I am impressed with Dr. Gonzales, She has a welcome attention to detail. She worked and worked until she got my crowns perfect. And that is really nice.” I also need to mention the outstanding coordination of services and transportation provided.

I will highly recommend anyone that asks about dentists in Costa Rica and will refer them here.

Angelina – New York

Cinthia Sherrod Testimonial, Sonria Dental Boutique Sonria Dental Boutique was a great choice for me to get some dental work done. Dr. Oriana was awesome, she explains each process to me, she had the gentlest hands. I’m so thankful I choose this establishment. I came in on Monday and again on Thursday and the outcome was just AWESOME!!!

I would recommend everyone to choose Sonria Dental Boutique. This was my first visit to Costa Rica and it was with the friendliest people. I will tell all my friends and family to come.
Thank you so much Dr. Oriana!

Cinthia Sherrod

Debra Mulhollen Testimonial, Sonria Dental Boutique I had the best experience at Sonria Dental Boutique, everything was perfect. Dr. Oriana is amazing, she is gentle, professional and thorough and never rushes to get the work done quickly. I was comfortable with the headphones and watching TV on the ceiling while she worked.

The warm neck pillow and blanket ensured I was comfortable.
Dr. Ernesto was very professional and did a great job with my implants. You can tell that both doctors enjoy their work and want to make sure that your teeth are perfect.

I loved the fact that I was the only patient here while they were treating me and was the center of attention. The detail with my teeth is amazing!!
My teeth look gorgeous!!! I recommend Sonria Dental Boutique to all the people I meet here and I will continue to do it when I get back to the US.

Thank you so much!!

Debra Mulhollen – Virginia, USA May, 2016

Dr. Oriana is excellent and more than a dentist she is a “DENTAL ARTIST”
No pain and I had multiple implants and bridge. My teeth look perfect and most important, REAL!!

I highly recommend Dr. Oriana and Dr. Ernesto!

Felix Diner – Florida, USA, May, 2016

Greg Seymour Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Dr. González,
I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dental experience. Ever since I was a kid I have dreaded going to the dentist. The teeth cleaning and whiting Session I had at Sonria Dental Boutique was the most comfortable dental experience I have ever had.

From the moment I walked through the door and you greeted me I felt relaxed. The design of reception area along with the lighting and artwork on the wall set me at ease.
Oddly, the comfort level increased even more once we made our way to the exam room. Nora Jones singing softly in the background and a warm blanket wrapped around me carried on the feeling of peace… the wall of diplomas, certifications, and accolades didn’t hurt either.

The most unnerving thing about dentist visits for me is the sound the tools make, even just for a cleaning. Luckily for me you had thought about this as well, with headphones and a T.V. screen to keep my ears and mind occupied while you worked.

Having had both a cleaning and whitening done one after the other, I was in your chair for over two hours. While dental work will never be a favorite pastime of mine, I can say with certainty, I have never been as comfortable in a dentists chair (for any length of time) than I was at Sonria.
Thank you for a wonderful experience,

Greg Seymour

Jeff Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Hello Doctora,
I always felt self-conscious about my smile, and having my picture taken always made me feel uncomfortable. People always told me I had a great smile, but in the back of my head I always felt that my smile was not as great as they thought it was.

My journey began about 9 years ago. I had missing teeth and due to the severity of bone loss in my gum and the location of the bone graft needed, most dentists I contacted here in the USA didn’t think I would be a good candidate for dental implants or bridges.

For 9 years I kept searching and looking for the right dentist to take my case and 12 professional dentists later, I found nothing. I never stopped looking and as technology evolves so did the cost.

Finally, I discovered Sonria Dental Boutique in Costa Rica, through Dental Tourism. Yes, idea of seeking treatment abroad made me have second thoughts, but upon reading into the idea, I discovered that it was a safe, legitimate practice sought by many in situations like mine. I communicated with Sonria Dental and asked a lot of questions, and they were accommodating and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I was in Costa Rica for my first appointment before I knew it.

Dr. Oriana Gonzalez and her team at Sonria were so wonderful. They made me feel so welcome and treated me kindly and very professionally. The clinic was so nice and clean with state of the art equipment, and the staff all spoke English. There were no long waiting room times, and the best part was that I was the ONLY patient there. They only focus on one patient at a time, so while I was in the clinic the entire staff focused just on me. They also made sure I was comfortable; blankets, a neck pillow, headphones for the music were all complimentary and the clinic was a spa-like set up packed with amenities to ensure my comfort. I was blown away.

I was in Costa Rica for 3 days on my first appointment and they performed bone grafts, dental implants and started my full-mouth restoration. They ensured that I wasn’t under little to no pain, so little that I was back to work the next day.

Dr. Oriana didn’t stop there. She and I communicated, and she made sure that I was doing ok, that I wasn’t in pain, and to let her know if I had any questions.
Time went by so quickly and almost 6 months later I was back in Costa Rica for the final treatment. My journey ended here, after Dr. Oriana finished everything I couldn’t believe that I now have a million dollar smile I could have only dreamed of. Not only she gave me my dream smile she also gave me the confidence to smile. This truly has been a life changing experience.

Jeff – New York

Greg Seymour Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Dr. Gonzalez made my treatment very confortable (I loved the blanket, neck warmer, TV and headphones!!). She was very professional and I feel that my dental experience was unique.

I will recommend Dr. Gonzalez and Sonria because they have a very professional office, staff and work performed.

Jeb Beck Seymour – Grecia, CR

Jonathan Peacock Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Sometimes when I’m laughing, as I was in a meeting this morning, I’ll think about my smile and kind of say to myself “keep laughing, smile bigger!” whereas in the past I would usually begin feeling self conscious a few seconds into a hearty laugh 🙂 Or when I meet someone for the first time and I can flash them a big smile w/out feeling feeling like I need to try to hide my teeth. It’s just a really great feeling.

I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience in a dental office. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing, Dr. Gonzalez kept me informed each step of the way, and she was very gentle throughout the process. The TV and headphones helped me relax and a few times I even forget I was having dental work done. Dr. Gonzalez focuses 100% of her attention on a single patient, which is a nice change from what happens in the states, where the dentists are often going back and forth between two or three patients at a time. An excellent staff, outstanding service and amazing results allow me to recommend Sonria Dental Boutique without hesitation

Thanks again for the great experience and literally changing my life!!

Jonathan Peacock

K Moriarty Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Dear Dr. Oriana Gonzalez,

I cannot wait to go to the dentist! Truly, this is a phrase I did not think I would ever have in my vocabulary. But today it is a true statement after meeting you. I am so happy with all the services performed at Sonria Dental Boutique.

Sonria Dental Boutique provided exceptional services to my husband and me from the time we landed in Costa Rica from Houston, Texas. Prior to our departure, we received confirmation from Costa Rica Tours & Travel that you had arranged our transportation. We were met at the airport and taken to our hotel on Sunday afternoon where we settled in with anticipation of the dental work to be performed. Monday morning after breakfast, Esteban met us in the lobby and took us for the 3D scan at the Radiology Center. We were not dropped off and pointed in the direction; Esteban went in with us and stayed with us which was over and beyond. And, since we were not meeting with you until late in the afternoon, Esteban offered to take us into San Jose and show us the many sites, allowing us time for tourist shopping and a visit to the cathedral. Esteban was very knowledgeable; explaining the significance and history of many things.

We had the pleasure of meeting you on Monday afternoon, reviewing the 3D scan and complete and thorough examination of my teeth. You explained everything to me and I was very comfortable to proceed with the recommended treatment plan for my upper jaw. In addition to the extraction and implant, the 3D scan showed there would be a need for a sinus lift and bone graft for the implant success. You were able to explain the procedures of the sinus lift and grafting, and using fibrin to speed the healing process. In addition, we agreed to the replacement of my current bridge, replacement of old crowns and restoration of a tooth which, only treated in February, already lost its composite and was the source of a lot of pain.

On Tuesday I sat in your chair for over six hours and you completed all the restoration work, removed the old bridge and found lots of decay in one of the supporting teeth which required major work, and prepared the new porcelain fused to zirconium crowns. And I did not hurt. You were so gentle and caring. I was relaxed with a nice blanket, headphones, videos, and an aromatherapy neck wrap. And at the end of the day, again Esteban escorted us to the pharmacy to be sure we were able to get the medications you recommended.

Wednesday morning, the oral surgeon Dr. Ernesto Barquero greeted me and again explained the sinus lift, using fibrin to speed recovery, the bone graft and implant. Since you had been so gentle onTuesday, I asked that you give me the anesthesia and you did. You stayed throughout the hour and one-half that Dr. Barquero worked in my mouth and were very comforting. And again, Esteban took us to the pharmacy to fill the prescription for antibiotics. The pharmacy was out of the recommended oral mouthwash but Esteban agreed that when the pharmacy had it delivered from another store; he would deliver it to us at the hotel – and he did! Again the services provided by Sonria Dental Boutique were outstanding.

Thursday was a day of rest and recovery. At the end of the day, we had great Italian food at a small place you recommended! My friends could not believe that I was eating already. Again, your treatment and services left me comfortable and quickly on the road to recovery.

Friday noon, we met for the placement of the bridge and crowns. I was concerned about the tooth that required the rework from February this year and you were able to explain to me why the coloring was changing. But it didn’t stop with just an explanation. You reworked (without additional charge) the composite and blended with my other teeth and it’s now perfect!!! The final crowns were placed with a perfect fit. I liked your analogy of new crowns fitting like new shoes, and they do get “broken in” very quickly. We had a remarkable lunch; again my friends are astounded that I was able to eat so soon.

We flew back to Houston on Saturday morning and as promised, I had no problems with flying so soon following the sinus lift and implant – absolutely no concerns. I don’t believe that I just found the best dentist, I feel like I made warm and caring friends in Costa Rica. Truly, I can’t wait to go back to the dentist! Thank you for the support, information, and dental care you and Sonria Dental Boutique provided (September 2015) and we will be back for more!

All the best,

K Moriarty – Houston, Texas USA

Lisa Sellers Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Iam from the USA and came to Costa Rica to have my dental work done. I can’t say enough good about Sonria Dental Boutique. The doctors took so much time with me. I have always been rushed in my dental group in the States. Sonria took care of everything and was WORTH the trip here. I love them!!! I will keep coming back here for dental work.

Hi Dr. Gonzalez,
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the work you have done so far. I have gotten so many complements on my smile. I’m so excited about seeing you in six months. I have been telling all the doctors I work for about how much time you spent with me and what an incredibly compassionate and talented doctor you are. My husband Mike really enjoyed your husband’s company. He found him incredibly interesting and such a nice person. I am following all of your instructions and doing well.

All my admiration,

Lisa Sellers

Lori Smith Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Dear Dr. Gonzalez,

I am so excited that I came to you and Sonria Dental Boutique for my FULL mouth restoration. Your gentle, kind and thoroughly professional care leaves me speechless! Your focus and concentration level was most duly noted from the first appointment and carried through the entire process. Your methodical approach to my needs, 28 crowns, total bite overhaul, dimensions, everything was precisely calculated and carried through.

Your entire staff is amazing starting with Dr. Adriana Chavez, who was kind enough to answer all of my questions, send me countless references and arrange my transportation. I was greeted at the airport with a ride to my hotel and all went well. The next day started with Estaban picking me up exactly as planned and he continued to provide this service throughout my entire visit. He went well beyond the call of duty and was extremely knowledgeable of the area, sites, etc.

Paola, dental assistant, was there through the entire process with sincere compassion. It is obvious her and Dr. Gonzalez have established a terrific professional rhythm. The root canal performed by Dr. Monica Israel Rubinstein was, once again, seamless.

I truly feel blessed with my decision to come to Sonria and Costa Rica for my dental work. Dr. Gonzalez, I cannot thank you enough and your country is GORGEOUS!

Lori Smith

Pam & Dennis Bergeron Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique My husband and I came to Sonria Dental Boutique for bridge and crowns work. I researched many dental clinic in Costa Rica. We chose Sonria for the personalized care and her attention to detail. The finished result for both of us were above our expectations.

Thank you Dr. Oriana and your caring staff, a great experience. We can smile with confidence again.


Pam & Dennis Bergeron – Florida

I’m very satisfied with my treatment, both Dentists Dr. Oriana and Dr. Ernesto were very professional, competent and kind with me. I will recommend Sonria Dental Boutique to all my family and friends because they have good service, prices and treatments.
Thank you so much!!

Pam Logan – New York, March, 2015

Roger LaRose Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique I can’t say enough about Doctor Gonzalez and her team. Its been 3 months since I completed my permanent full upper (all on six implants) to replace removable dentures I had made in the United States. The palate portion of the removable dentures were a huge obstacle to eating for more than a year. Normal foods were difficult to eat and taste was very much diminished. The use of adhesives was another reason I began my search for a prosthodontics specialist.

Beginning in December 2014 and ending September 2015 I made 3 trips to Costa Rica. The first trip required a painless extraction and placement of 3 titanium implants in my lower arch. Unlike U.S. dentists Doctor Gonzalez anticipates and prescribes pain medication in advance of procedures. On my 2nd trip I had 6 more implants placed in my upper arch and spent two weeks in Jaco on the Pacific side. I could have had all the work completed on this trip but decided to let the 9 implants integrate with the bone for a few months. The integration went well and the work was completed in September 2015.

Being able to eat normally and enjoy food again has been a blessing. In terms of the cost associated with having the work done in the United States vs Costa Rica, my cost were 50 cents on the dollar and that included my travel expenses. There may be a few Asian countries that are somewhat less but the travel expenses are higher.

From the time I walked in the door I was treated with respect. Questions and treatment plans are answered and explained. These are experienced and well educated professionals who go the extra mile for the client. I sincerely believe they are some of the best.

Roger LaRose

Tanya Ryan Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique When I came to Dr. Gonzalez I was ashamed of my smile. I was so insecure, I hated talking to people, and was afraid to smile. I was also very afraid to have any work done to fix it. The moment I entered her office that all changed. Her pleasant, reassuring presence took all the anxiety away. The work she did is beyond amazing & more then I could have ever dreamed for. Dr. Gonzalez has not only given me my smile back; she has brought my life back.

Than You

Tanya Ryan – Boston

Sonria is not only a beautiful boutique, Dr. Oriana is very kind, professional and great at what she does. I felt very comfortable and and cared for. My care and service at Sonria was excellent.

My experience and the work I received was fantastic and I felt well taken care at. My teeth look great and I was able to get all the work I needed completed.

Virginia Figueroa – California, USA

I am super happy with the results! I had a great experience with Dr. Gonzalez. She was very professional, gentle and pleasant. The service went above and beyond what I expected.

Yafit – USA

This was my most delightful dental experience! Dr. Oriana was polite, efficient and obviously well-trained. Her professionalism was augmented by her warmth and charm. Muchas gracias!

Lorne – Canada

This was a very relaxing experience. The blanket and the headset helped to make the time go fast. Oriana is awesome! I have already recommended Sonría Dental Boutique to my friends and family and they loved their experiences, too!

Abby – Costa Rica

This was a very personal experience for me. In the U.S., I usually spend more time with the dental hygienist than I do with the doctor. Dr. Oriana made me feel like I was a top priority! The care was outstanding.

Theresa – Costa Rica

I am very pleased with my smile from Dr. Gonzalez. The personal service was great and my expectations were met in every way!

Tony – USA

I would definitely recommend Sonría to my family, friends and anyone who needs dental care. The quality of work, professional care and the amount of time and money I saved were unbelievable!

Jeff – USA

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful dental experience. Ever since I was a kid, I have dreaded going to the dentist. The cleaning and whitening at Sonría Dental Boutique was the most comfortable dental experience I have ever had.

I felt relaxed the moment I walked through the door and you greeted me.

Interestingly, my comfort level increased even more once we made our way to the exam room. With Nora Jones singing softly in the background, a warm blanket wrapped around me and the wall of diplomas, certifications, and accolades I was perfectly at ease.

The most unnerving thing about dentist visits for me is the sound the tools make, even for a cleaning. Luckily for me, you had headphones and a T.V. screen to keep my ears and mind occupied while you worked.

Having had both a cleaning and whitening done one after the other, I was in your chair for over two hours. While dental work will never be a favorite pastime of mine, I can say with certainty, I have never been as comfortable in a dentist’s chair (for any length of time) than I was at Sonría.

Greg Seymour – Costa Rica
To read more about Costa Rica, visit Greg’s Blog:

I had the best experience anyone could hope to because of the tender and compassionate care of Dr. Gonzales and her assistant.

Martha, USA

I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of the professional care I received at Sonria Dental Boutique. Doctor Gonzalez’s staff was very helpful outside the clinic as well. I was even provided a clinic cell phone to use while there. From start to finish the only word I can use to define my care at Sonría Dental Boutique is “remarkable.” I am a client for life!

Roger Jack LaRose, USA

I recently visited Dr. Oriana González for a teeth cleaning in Guachipelin, Escazú, Costa Rica. I’m not too easily impressed these days, but Dr. González seriously impressed me.

Dr. González speaks fluent English and her office is very professional and has a calming environment. When it was time for my cleaning, she led me to a separate room where her equipment and chair was, overlooking greenery from her 2nd story view. Everything looked white and clean. She keeps her office slightly cool, but brought me a warm, soft blanket to put over my legs, and then her assistant brought me a warm aroma therapy neck warmer that she place behind and around my neck. Whoa – so comfy – not what I expected at a dentist office!

Dr. González thoroughly explained everything before she did each procedure, which was nice to know what to expect. She started with examining my teeth, and then moved on to the cleaning process. She used a water pick type machine (almost like a pressure washer) to take the stain off my teeth. Before she started this, she put large clear glasses over my eyes to protect them from any spray or splatter. And then she put headphones over my ears and I watched a nature show on the TV that was on the ceiling. Pretty cool, and a nice distraction. After the water-picking was done, she polished my teeth (similar to the States). Afterwards she went over the proper way to floss and brush my teeth, which was nice and helpful (and I learned a few things!), and we chatted about proper dental hygiene care.

When I was done, her assistant gave me a warm towelette to wipe off my face with, which felt heavenly. Then I was offered me something to drink, and Dr. González’s assistant whipped up an amazing cappuccino for me!

I must say, this was a GREAT overall experience at the dentist. No one LIKES visiting the dentist, but they made my teeth cleaning experience as comfortable as possible!

Jen Beck Seymour – Author of Costa Rica Chica
To read more about Costa Rica, visit Jen’s Blog:

Dr. Oriana has a very special connection with her patients. She explains everything thoroughly and that gives peace of mind.
In addition to her loving personality, the quality of care is outstanding.

Gillian Mc Grann, Ireland

All of my dental work that was done at Sonría Dental Boutique is perfect. I have had no problems with my crowns or my implants. Dr. Oriana is the most kind and considerate person I have ever encountered as a patient.

Diane Kirk, USA

My experience here at Sonría Dental Boutique has been the best. I have had dental experiences in both Costa Rica and the United States; and I could tell right away that the dental work was precise and the care was top notch. From my first visit to my last, I always received the same high quality treatment.

Jon Tucker, USA

I am super satisfied with my dental treatment. I was on a vacation in Costa Rica when I had a dental emergency. I called the clinic and they gave me an appointment right away. I was treated with utmost care and detail. Great care and excellent work!! 
I would recommend Dr. González to all my friends and family!

María Loreto, Spain

I have had many procedures done by Dr. González and all have been perfect!! I am very happy with her work and would recommend her to anyone. She is patient, thorough and very good at what she does. I have a beautiful smile thanks to Dr. González.

Doreen Ortiz, USA

Almost pain-free dentistry and very professional work. The whole team was easy to work with and explained everything I needed.

Stefaan Colson, Belgium

Best service and personalized attention I have ever received.
High quality treatments. Personally, they gave back my smile.

Jose Rodríguez, Costa Rica

The emergency service is excellent. 
Comfortable prices and easy to make payments. Sonría Guarantees all treatments.
They are also very good with follow-ups.  They remind me about follow-u appointments even when I don’t remember.  Sonría Dental Boutique and Dr. Gonzalez are 100% recommended!!

Mirtha Gil, Venezuela

Dr. Gonzalez is a great dentist with excellent people skills.  She provided one-on-one personal interaction in a very professional way.  The dental clinic is a very cozy environment. 
Dr. González is a charming and caring dentist.

Isabel Jinesta, Costa Rica

I started looking for the best option for dental work in Costa Rica and came across Sonría Dental Boutique. After communicating by e-mail and phone for a few weeks, I was convinced it was my best option. Although I was sure of my choice, I was still a little nervous about the trip. But, since I arrived and all the way to the end of my stay, it was amazing. I received not only great care from Dr. Oriana and her staff, but I had a beautiful time in the clinic and in Costa Rica.

After a thorough cleaning, zoom whitening, crowns and six implants, I am more than happy with my new smile!

I would definitely recommend Sonría Dental Boutique to everyone. My experience was wonderful – from the relaxed atmosphere of the clinic, the delicate and professional treatment of Dr. Oriana and Dr. Ernesto, to the personalized service in every moment of my stay.

I was always attended to by specialists – not just general practitioners. This was the main reason I chose Sonría Dental Boutique. Definitely a Boutique experience!

Emilie, USA

I am very grateful to Dr. Oriana and her team at Sonría Dental Boutique. I had high expectations and I must say that my trip to to Costa Rica to have 10 crowns and whitening zoom done, met my expectations. I would highly recommend Sonría Dental Boutique.

The quality of doctors and patient care in and out of the clinic was excellent. The most notable difference is the relaxing atmosphere that you feel in the office.

Thank you very much Dr. Oriana and Esteban for making me feel at home.

Matthew, USA

Before traveling to Costa Rica for dental treatment, I researched and prepared for a year. The time I took proved to be the right decision in the end. I was happy to have found Dr. Oriana. She understood my concerns about traveling alone to Costa Rica from the very beginning.

The day I arrived, they were waiting to pick me up and take me to my hotel. The next day, they picked me up at my hotel, took me to my appointments and then returned me to the hotel. They made my stay so easy!

I never imagined I could feel so calm in a dental clinic. They provided headphones with relaxing music, a pillow for my neck and a padded blanket while she was working inside my mouth. Dr. Oriana knows how to make her patients feel good. Everything in the clinic is a reflections of Dr. Oriana – professional, caring and loving who takes the time to listen to your concerns. The result – a spectacular treatment!

After my treatment, I felt like a new person. I smile openly and feel happier than I had ever imagined!

Shannon, USA

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