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Americans are seeking for affordable dental options

With over, 74 million of the American population without dental coverage and medical insurance dropping to 8.6%, many Americans are seeking other affordable dental options. Dental tourism in Costa Rica is increasingly popular for so many reasons, especially the amount of money you will save during the procedure, as compared to doing the procedure in

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

We are looking forward to getting you smiling again soon!

Whether you need to replace a few missing teeth or restore the teeth you still have, you have come to the right place. We are a Team of Dental Specialists and together we will get you smiling again quickly, comfortably and at a price you can afford to pay. We offer an extremely high-level of

Costa Rica Dental Tourists

Dental Tourists from all parts over the world prefer Costa Rica for dental work.

Today a large number of dental tourists from all parts over the world are setting out for Costa Rica to look for different sorts of dental work. Reason? The increase of costs of dental procedures in America and Europe, obviously, this is the prime reason that pushes many individuals from these nations to look for


Solve your dental problems while enjoying of the beautiful nation called Costa Rica

Dental vacation can be easily defined as going on vacation with the aim of visiting a dentist. But, dental vacation in Costa Rica is more than that; Dental vacation in Costa Rica is a vacation that costs you less to benefit more on a trip to Costa Rica with the main goal of visiting a

Costa Rica Dental Implants Testimonial

Dental vacation in Costa Rica is not just a vacation neither is it a mere hospital or dental visit, this is more.

Talking about dental vacation is like talking about the second coming of the Jesus Christ, It is so important and voluminous, especially if you are talking about a dental vacation in Costa Rica. Vacation is an essential part of human beings, here is a time to relax, recreate and build the mind, soul, and body

dental implants in costa rica sonria dental boutique

US and Canadian Citizens travel south for Dental Implants in Costa Rica

White teeth are the indication of a healthy body and smile, sound soul and add an incredible arrangement to our social worth. Regardless of how youthful or old we are, missing teeth don’t just make eating food difficult, they make living difficult as well. Consistently, a large number of tourists, generally Americans, travel south for

Dental Implants Costa Rica Dental Boutique

A perfect approach to recover the radiance in your smile

Get your dental implants done in Costa Rica. This is a perfect approach to recover the radiance in your smile. This article contends why you ought to pick Costa Rica for an inexpensive dental implants treatment in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has dependably been an outstanding and moderate restorative and dental tourism goal. For a

dental implants costa rica Healthy smile

Think about your teeth and make the right choice

This year has been eventful from start till date, here we are in the last quarter preparing to celebrate the end of another fantastic year, a lot of natural disasters and eventful scenarios have taken place but we are still up and alive to share the stories and be thankful for life. Have you ever

Costa Rica Dental Tourism dental boutique


A developing number of individuals worldwide are truly considering another marvel called “Dental Tourism” as a response to high cost, unavailable and mediocre standard of dental care. People who had the experience of  Dental Tourism in Costa Rica are applauding it as a fantastic answer for a continuous issue. On the chance that you don’t

K Moriarty Testimonial Sonria Dental Boutique Dental Implants


The Costa Rica Dental Implants that makes the difference. Body remains from ancient civilizations clearly show early attempts at dental implants to replace lost teeth. With the advances made over the last decade in this field of dentistry modern mankind now has recourse to a revolutionary dental implants procedure that is fast overtaking other methods

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