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Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica

You may have heard people talking about Full Mouth Reconstruction, Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica, Full Mouth Rehabilitation or even a smile makeover. In short, these are all different terms for the same process. Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica refers to a series of procedures that use different types of prosthetics to give restore the function and appearance of a full set of natural teeth. In general terms, a person that has lost all or most of his or her teeth or has a mouth full of damaged or worn teeth may need a Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica.

Unlike other types of dental procedures, there is no standard protocol for full-mouth rehabilitation. Each person has different unique needs, and a dentist is critical to evaluate the state of the mouth and recommend the procedures that will be utilized to achieve the final result. Your dentist will make this recommendation based on the feasibility, severity of damage, evaluation of teeth that can be saved, the number of teeth that need to be removed, the structure of the jawbone and your physical and medical condition.

The specialists at Sonría Dental Boutique are full mouth reconstruction experts. Some of the dental procedures typically involved in Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica are:

  • Tooth Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Dental Implants
  • Veneers
  • All-on-Four solutions
  • Bridges
  • Partial Dentures

Next Steps: Contact Sonría Dental Boutique to discuss your Full Mouth Restoration Costa Rica case with a dedicated specialist or fill out the form below. Your dentist will perform a complete evaluation including x-rays and tests to establish what dental procedures will be the most appropriate for your case.


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I am super happy with the results! I had a great experience with Dr. Gonzalez. She was very professional, gentle and pleasant. The service went above and beyond what I expected.

Yafit – USA

I would definitely recommend Sonría to my family, friends and anyone who needs dental care. The quality of work, professional care and the amount of time and money I saved were unbelievable!

Jeff – USA

I am very pleased with my smile from Dr. Gonzalez. The personal service was great and my expectations were met in every way!

Tony – USA

This was my most delightful dental experience! Dr. Oriana was polite, efficient and obviously well-trained. Her professionalism was augmented by her warmth and charm. Muchas gracias!

Lorne – Canada

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