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Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. But for many people with damaged, worn or missing teeth, it can be awkward and embarrassing to smile. At Sonría Dental Boutique, we believe that restoring lost and damaged teeth is essential to a healthy, happy smile.

Teeth allow us to chew our food, contributing to our enjoyment of food and good nutrition. They also allow us to modify the flow of air that we use to speak. If you have lost one or more of your teeth, you may find it difficult to speak properly or to chew normally. We can help.

For many, the decision to get dental care and Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry  is about improving your self-esteem. Our teeth are a critical part of our smile. Your smile is one of the first things that people notice on your face, and it is one of the most memorable traits we have. People with chipped, damaged or missing teeth often feel self-conscious about talking, smiling, or laughing in public. We can help.

Why act today?

Acting now could reduce your dental bills.

It makes sense. If you have a broken tooth or need a filling or a dental veneer, and you postpone your visit to the dentist, you increase the likelihood that your tooth will become infected and you will need a root canal and a crown. A relatively simple treatment becomes more complex and expensive. And if you postpone treatment even longer, you could easily end up with an infection so deep that it may not be possible to save the tooth. You may need an extraction and a bridge or dental implant, which are even more expensive.

Not only is it important to act quickly for economic reasons, your health is at stake. Supporting your overall health is an important goal of modern dental treatment. Obviously, it is always better to retain your natural teeth in a healthy state whenever possible. But dental treatment isn’t just about teeth. We are seeing new information all the time that suggests that timely dental treatment can help you in other ways as well.

If you are interested in Costa Rica Cosmetic Dentistry, Sonría Dental Boutique may be the perfect solution for you. Please contact us today to discuss your dental implant needs with an experienced specialist or fill out the form.


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I am super happy with the results! I had a great experience with Dr. Gonzalez. She was very professional, gentle and pleasant. The service went above and beyond what I expected.

Yafit – USA

I would definitely recommend Sonría to my family, friends and anyone who needs dental care. The quality of work, professional care and the amount of time and money I saved were unbelievable!

Jeff – USA

I am very pleased with my smile from Dr. Gonzalez. The personal service was great and my expectations were met in every way!

Tony – USA

This was my most delightful dental experience! Dr. Oriana was polite, efficient and obviously well-trained. Her professionalism was augmented by her warmth and charm. Muchas gracias!

Lorne – Canada

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