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Americans are seeking for affordable dental options

With over, 74 million of the American population without dental coverage and medical insurance dropping to 8.6%, many Americans are seeking other affordable dental options. Dental tourism in Costa Rica is increasingly popular for so many reasons, especially the amount of money you will save during the procedure, as compared to doing the procedure in

Costa Rica Dental Tourism

We are looking forward to getting you smiling again soon!

Whether you need to replace a few missing teeth or restore the teeth you still have, you have come to the right place. We are a Team of Dental Specialists and together we will get you smiling again quickly, comfortably and at a price you can afford to pay. We offer an extremely high-level of

Costa Rica Dental Tourists

Dental Tourists from all parts over the world prefer Costa Rica for dental work.

Today a large number of dental tourists from all parts over the world are setting out for Costa Rica to look for different sorts of dental work. Reason? The increase of costs of dental procedures in America and Europe, obviously, this is the prime reason that pushes many individuals from these nations to look for

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Costa Rica Dental Specialists for Affordable and World-Class Dental Treatments

Do you know our team of Costa Rica Dental Specialists for Affordable and World-Class Dental Treatments? It is no news that Costa Rica offers you the best dental treatment more than any other country in the world right now. At Sonría Dental Boutique we have the best dental care, what we do is to restore your smile

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